Welcome to Western History ALIVE!

Charley ParkhurstI am an Historian, Chautauquan and Character Actress. My love of history is primarily “American Western History” and I enjoy presenting it in fun and exciting ways. Do you have an event where my characters would enhance your guests’ experience? Would you and your guests like to know more about Northern California and Nevada history? Don’t just hand them a book or brochure — hire me to come in-character to your event and share in first person how “The West Was Won”!

I am available for both public and private events. My cost is generally $200 an hour which can be broken down by the quarter hour. For example, several of my presentations are not one hour in their entirety.

I am also open to negotiation of cost sharing, depending upon the venue. If you have an idea or need, do not hesitate to let me know what you would like. I am very open to negotiating a performance in order to make your guests’ experience more memorable!

“History is made every moment, every hour and every day…by every one of us.  Make our history count – keep it ALIVE!” ~Kim