I Thought Chautauqua Was a Place in New York!

I’ve always felt it was more interesting to meet the actual historical person no matter how long they’ve been dead, than to just read about them. I didn’t realize until a few years ago that there was a name for performing an historical character in first-person — Chautauqua. I just thought these performances were really creative! So for me, sharing history is about making it interesting for you, to inspire you to learn more – or to find ways to share it yourselves! And what is more fun than “being” someone else who leads a more exciting life than your own? So, okay I started out portraying a man (Warren Upson — Pony Express Rider) because the Pony Express is my favorite era of Western History. Then I was finally able to portray a woman (Julia Bulette), albeit a prostitute…but at least she was a woman! Then back to a man (Charley Parkhurst), but an exciting Stagecoach Driver. And finally a respectable woman (Lillian Virgin Finnegan). Yet each person has a special place in my heart and represents a different pivotal point in California and Nevada history. And that is how I came up with the name “Western History ALIVE!”, because that is what I do…bring western history “alive” for you, in hopes that you truly feel you are meeting the person I portray. So… at least for a short time…I do believe I am that very person!